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JBF Worldwide strives to ‘Empower from Within’ and is dedicated to providing resources and opportunities to the world’s most underserved populations using sport as our catalyst. Learn more about our mission.

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  1. The Jack Brewer Foundation and United States Federation for Middle East Peace Announce Historic Partnership to Bring Peace through Sport Around the World with Help of Various Athletes and Celebrities

    New York, NY- April 4th, 2014-The Jack Brewer Foundation (JBF Worldwide) and the United States Federation for Middle East Peace / United Federation of Peace and Development (USFMEP/UFPD) are excited to announce their partnership in the mission of promoting sport and peace in the Middle East and around the world.
    Founder and Executive Director of JBF Worldwide, Jack Brewer, was recently named by Mrs. Sally Kader President and Founder of US Federation for Middle East Peace / United Federation for Peace and Development, the Ambassador for Peace and Sport for the USFMEP/UFPD following the JBF Worldwide Global Ambassadors Summit at the United Nations. Together the partners and Ambassador Brewer will work to bring awareness to regions experiencing conflict and violence and work to use sport as a catalyst for peace and social change.
    To kick off the partnership, the organizations will host a press conference at the United Nations surrounding the United Nations' International Day of Sport for Development and Peace on April 4th. The press conference will announce the partnership and the recent naming of H.E. Ambassador Jack Brewer, as well as announce plans for an exclusive JBF Worldwide Global Ambassadors Tour stop in Egypt from May 12-17th, 2014. With 50% of Egypt's population being under the age of 25, bringing sport to promote peace and stability to the society's youth population will add important value to the future of Egypt.
    Through their Global Ambassadors program, JBF Worldwide takes pride in mobilizing celebrity endorsers including professional athletes, artists and entertainers into various international initiatives and works with numerous partnering organizations in an effort to provide them with further knowledge and expertise as it pertains to global advocacy, cultural diversity, fan base activation and philanthropic endeavors. JBF Worldwide currently works with nearly 100 Global Ambassadors, making a positive impact around the world.
    "I am very excited to bring various athletes and celebrities to Egypt to experience the culture and to help promote Peace and Sport in an area with some of the world's biggest conflicts take place," said H.E. Ambassador Jack Brewer. "We aim to use our Global Ambassadors program to bring athletes, artists and entertainers tangible opportunities to be active participants in cultural diversity, peace and social change around the globe."
    About The Jack Brewer Foundation
    The Jack Brewer Foundation (JBF Worldwide) is a non-profit organization founded by five-year National Football League (NFL) veteran and Founder/CEO of The Brewer Group Companies, Jack Brewer. JBF Worldwide strives to 'Empower from Within' and is dedicated to providing resources and opportunities to the World's most underserved populations using sport as its catalyst. JBF Worldwide focuses on the empowerment of women and children living within impoverished and underdeveloped communities through the implementation of initiatives that enable food security; provide access to educational resources; assist in disaster relief and medical aid; and promote cultural exchange, peace and conflict resolution. For more information about The Jack Brewer Foundation, please visit or follow them on FacebookTwitter,Instagram and Pinterest.
    The Jack Brewer Foundation Media Contact:
    Kristi Hofacker, Interactive Marketing and Media Manager
    About the US Federation for Middle East Peace / United Federation for Peace and Development
    The US Federation for Middle East Peace (USFMEP) / United Federation for Peace and Development  (UFPD)(herein referred to as USFMEP/UFPD) Mrs. Sally Kader, president and Founder of the organization works very hard with her team to promotes the United Nations commitment to international peace, security, justice and works on Empowerment of Women and Girls including Youth leadership through educational programs, public relations and community outreach initiatives such as Sports events throughout the world. USFMEP/UFPD works to provide Americans and Europeans with information about the Middle East including its history, religions, cultures and political landscape. The goal is to promote understanding of Middle Eastern culture through seminars, workshops, roundtables, and public forums. USFMEP/UFPD has established networks and liaison offices in other regions of the world to help raise awareness on issues concerning peace in the Middle East; utilizing the latest methods in information. For more information about USFMEP/UFPD, please
    USFMEP/UFDP Contact:
    Sally (Salwa) Kader, President and Founder

  2. JBF Worldwide Celebrity Global Ambassadors head to Africa to Launch the UNAIDS Protect the Goal campaign and participate in Starkey Hearing Missions

    Minneapolis, MN, March 4, 2014- Following a successful Global Ambassadors Summit last month at the United Nations, The Jack Brewer Foundation (JBF Worldwide) and a delegation of Global Ambassadors kick off the 2014 tour with a four country visit this week. While in Malawi, the delegation will participate in meetings with H.E. President Joyce Banda and continue to support education and youth development with a soccer match between JBF Worldwide Global Ambassadors and local youth. JBF Worldwide is also excited to partner with Starkey Hearing Foundation (SHF) to continue to “Empower from Within” through multiple hearing missions that will provide hearing aids to more than 500 Malawians. To read the full release, click here.

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